Pre-Workshop Teaching Artist Training

At the start of the workshop there is a two day teacher training component led by MusAid faculty members:

Through these sessions you will develop your music education leading tools to support you in becoming an outstanding teaching artist and rehearsal leader.  Regardless of your musical and/or teaching teaching experience all teaching artists will benefit from attending.

The workshops will look at the common challenges and opportunities that group teaching bring for the teaching artist.  

Through immersive practical activities and reflective discussion we'll explore:

  • How good group teaching is good individual teaching

  • How to engage every kind of learner in the classroom

  • How to inspire all students through musical teaching

  • Teaching for different level students within the same group

  • Squeezing as many useful concepts as possible out of your repertoire

  • How to teach as musically as possible

Pre-Workshop Photos with Teaching Artist Trainer Julie Sharpe