In 1991, after the breakup of the Soviet Union, Kyrgyzstan – one of the smallest and poorest Republics in the USSR– was abruptly given independence. As part of the traumatic transition that followed, all social subsidies from the USSR ceased, including the subsidies for music and the arts. Consequently the National Conservatory has not received any new printed music or funding for over fifteen years, leaving the 360 students and professionals with few and declining resources as well as enrollment.

The lack of equipment for every art form has severely limited the full potential of the National Conservatory, but with only a small amount of added financial support, the conservatory could flourish and grow in astonishing ways.

MusAid Support

MusAid has donated printed music, strings, reeds and other instrumental accessories to the National Conservatory of Kyrgyzstan.  With the generous support of the D'Addario foundation, in 2008 MusAid was able to provide the entire Kyrgyz National Symphony with $10,000 worth of instrumental strings.