Founded in 2012, The National Youth Orchestra and Choir of Belize works to foster the social development of Belizean youth through musical training. The vision of the National Youth Orchestra of Belize is to promote widespread positive transformation within Belizean society by providing young people with resources that enable them to contribute to their communities as impassioned, skilled, and responsible citizens, both musically and extra-musically. Fully funded access to training ensures the inclusion of members from low income and at-risk demographics within the project. In addition to providing technical training, the program cultivates leadership skills and mentorship abilities amongst its members so they themselves can become mentors to their peers.

MusAid Support

As part of our partnership with the Youth Orchestra of Central America, earlier this year MusAid visited Belize to assess the situation of the National Youth Orchestra. After discussing with local faculty members and observing rehearsals, we were able to devise a plan to support the orchestra with volunteer music teachers through the MusAid Fellowship Program and also provide donated instruments and materials.