Founded in 2010 by Dr. Ahmad Sarmast, Afghanistan’s National Institute of Music is the first and finest institution for the education and nurturing of gifted young Afghan musicians. The national institute of music is committed to providing a dynamic, challenging and safe learning environment for all students regardless of gender, ethnicity or social circumstances.

Their main focus is to support the most disadvantaged group in Afghan society – the orphans and street working kids – to help them attain a vocation that will allow them to reach their full potential, while contributing to their emotional healing. Afghanistan’s National Institute of Music helps their student to gain the skills, creative vision and confidence to contribute to the artistic, social and cultural life of Afghanistan, and the rebuilding and revival of Afghan music traditions. Afghanistan’s National Institute of Music is the model for future music schools and colleges to be built throughout Afghanistan.

MusAid Support

In 2010 MusAid donated a total 28 instruments including brass, woodwinds and string instruments to ANIM. More recently, one of our teaching fellows gave an online private lesson to a double bass student of ANIM.

MusAid Donation 
On behalf of the staff and students of the Afghanistan National Institute of Music (ANIM), The Ministry of Education, music loving people of Afghanistan and myself thank you for your wonderful job in assisting ANIM to obtain the musical instruments we requested. It is very kind that you have given us such a precious gift. Thanks you for doing your part to imbue our wolrd with beauty of music.
— From Dr. Sarmast, the director of ANIM